Access to the park implies acceptance of these rules and regulations

The acrobatic course in height is a space of fun activity allowing the participant to walk in height, independently and more or less acrobatically, on and between trees or other natural or non-natural supports.

The service provided includes:

  • Provision and implementation of practitioners' personal protective equipment.
  • The description of the activity: instructions for use of the equipment, safety instructions and explanations of the beginning of the session.
  • Implementation of a trial test for validation by an operator.
  • Supervision, advice and assistance during the sessions.


Access to the facilities is not allowed outside opening hours.

In case of bad weather conditions (strong wind, storm ...), the management reserves the right to evacuate temporarily or permanently the activities' course for your own safety. If this occurs less than 1 hour after your departure, free admission will be offered.

To access the activities, you must:

  • Pay the access fee
  • Follow the safety briefing video
  • Be in good health and not be affected by any physical disorder. The practice is prohibited to anyone who has consumed alcohol or any substance that may impair their abilities.
  • Have previously taken out civil liability insurance.
  • Not exceed a weight of 136 kg.

Management reserves the right to deny access to the park and facilities to any person that does not meet the conditions mentioned above.

All vehicles must be parked in the parking area provided for this purpose at the entrance to the "Vert Bois sports complex" in order to free the access routes for the emergency vehicles.

Activities: Children under 8 must be accompanied in the trees by an adult

  • Trampoline net (for Rueil-Malmaison Park): The supervision of a manager is required around the activity. The wearing of sports shoes is mandatory; It is forbidden to perform saltos, throw objects over nets nor access them with food. The wearing of glasses is strongly discouraged
  • Toddler Adventure (Rueil-Malmaison Park): Access is reserved for people at least 1m minimum.
  • Children Adventure: Access to activities is reserved for people over 1.10m minimum.
  • Junior Adventure: Access to activities is reserved for people over 1.25m.
  • Great Adventure and QuickJump: Access to activities is reserved for people from 1.40m.


Before you begin, you are invited to consult the safety and emergency organization plan (identification of the persons in charge, emergency telephone numbers, pathways to follow ...)

  • Smoking is prohibited in the park grounds, the use of Mobile phones is not allowed on the activities.
  • Each participant is equipped with a safety equipment checked before each departure. Any equipment removed and/or delivered must be checked by a staff member. The use of equipment other than those provided by the park is not allowed. This, access to activities is forbidden for non-equipped people.
  • All safety instructions are systematically given to you before practicing the activity. Their follow-up is mandatory.
  • Anyone who, at the end of the explanations, does not feel physically or psychologically able to carry out the adventures' necessary manipulations must abandon the course. In this case, the participant will receive a refund of the adventure's price. With the exception of the previous case, no refund can be issued.
  • An outfit adapted to the exercice of outdoor activities is highly recommended. Long hair must be tied, scarves and collars removed and glasses must be fitted with a support system. The management reserves the right to forbid access for people who do not have closed shoes.
  • The signage at the entrance of each workshop must be consulted and the platforms must not be overloaded.
  • Permanent self-belting is mandatory (lifelines, safety loops or any other specified item).
  • It is strictly forbidden to interrupt and/or leave a course without the authorization and assistance of a staff member.
  • You move independently or accompanied in different platforms. Please do not overestimate your strengths and adapt the choice of activities according to your physical abilities.
  • In case of problems, inform a staff member by any useful means
  • Pedestrians and other visitors are only allowed on marked trails.
  • It is strictly forbidden to remain in the zipline arrival areas.
  • It is forbidden to run in the alleys.
  • The environment must be respected (neither picking nor abandoning any object)
  • Animals are not allowed in the park.

The reception can keep your belongings but can not be held responsible for any loss or theft.

Management reserves the right of excluding any person who does not follow the instructions, or who behaves in a manner dangerous to himself or others, or who is disrespectful of persons, facilities or the environment.


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